Reinforced Concrete Pipe
(Approved by Departments of Transportation of the States of NJ, NY and PA)

Slip Joint and O Ring (RCP)
(ASTM C76)
Diameters 12” – 78”

Flared Ends
(ASTM C76)
Diameters 12” – 60”

Elliptical (RCP)
(ASTM C507)
Diameters 18” (14” x 23”) thru 78” (63” x 90”)

Reinforced Concrete Pipe with Rubber & Steel Joints
(ASTM C361/AWWA C302)
Diameter 36” and Larger

Prestressed Concrete Cylinder Pipe
(AWWA C301)
Diameters 24” and Larger Lined or Embedded

Reinforced Concrete Cylinder Pipe
(AWWA C300)
Diameters 36” and Larger

Jacking and Microtunneling Pipe
Drawing 1 | Drawing 2
(ASTM C361/AWWA C302)
Diameters 36” and Larger

Box Culverts
(ASTM C1433)
Sized according to project requirements.